I ain’t no “Toots McGee”

I happened upon an article titled something like “Why you should never fart during an MRI” and, of course, I read it. Basically it was very clickbait-y because the punchline was (in my mind) a no-brainer. The tube thing that you lay in during an MRI scan is pretty cramped and cozy – with no sound-absorbing acoustic equipment. So, I would imagine that ripping a fluffy would be a fairly obvious and resonant sound to any and all audiences present. I have never embarrassed myself by doing this, as I am a lady.

I have had enough experiences with MRI (and CT, PET, X-Ray, nuclear, etc.) scans that while it seems that somewhere along the way I probably should have at least one embarrassing “fart story” – I have simply been lucky in that I have no such stories. #blessed. An MRI technician once mistook me for Miley Cyrus (because I had short, blonde hair, and was wearing red lipstick). I’m still unsure as to whether it was an insult or a compliment…

When I was in grade school, my two brothers and I had blood work drawn to find out if we carried the von Hipple-Lindau genetic mutation (disease). Years prior to this (before I was born) my dad was diagnosed with this illness (VHL) and was told that it was NOT something that could be passed down genetically. Well, technology advances and scientific theories change… and it turns out that VHL is a genetic disease. Jump ahead to the blood work done with my brothers and I. Guess who got the news that they were basically a genetic mutant? That’s right – ME. #blessed #xmenhereicome #whereyouatprofessorx

VHL essentially killed my dad. Him smoking cigarettes for 30-some years definitely didn’t help, but it was complications following his last brain surgery that did him in. VHL is also slowly, but surely, trying to kill me too. At 28 years old I’ve had over a dozen brain, spine, kidney, pancreas, and lung surgeries.

While I don’t have a funny and embarrassing MRI “fart story” I do think I’ve had some pretty crazy, interesting, embarrassing, strange, and funny stories thus far in my life. I’m not a writer, so “blogging” is new to me. I’m not even sure what all I plan to write about – cats, Westworld fan theories, Ed Wood, music? I enjoy reading about people’s lives (both similar and completely foreign to mine) and I just hope to be able to (somehow) give to others as much as they have given to me.


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